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Fasting 'feel-good' factor impacts stock markets

A new international study investigating the correlation between the Islamic holy month of Ramadan - which begins next week (August 11/12) - and stock markets has discovered that the average stock market returns in predominantly ...

dateAug 10, 2010 in Health
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Charcoal takes some heat off global warming

As much as 12 percent of the world’s human-caused greenhouse gas emissions could be sustainably offset by producing biochar, a charcoal-like substance made from plants and other organic materials. That’s ...

dateAug 10, 2010 in Environment
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Neurochip technology developed by Canadian team

The University of Calgary, Faculty of Medicine scientists who proved it is possible to cultivate a network of brain cells that reconnect on a silicon chip - or the brain on a microchip - have been involved in the development ...

dateAug 10, 2010 in Medical research
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Better displays ahead

Sleek design and ease of use are just two of the main reasons consumers are increasingly attracted to tablets and e-readers. And these devices are only going to get better -- display technology improvements ...

dateAug 10, 2010 in Hardware
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Saudis extend BlackBerry ban reprieve: agency

Saudi Arabia's telecoms regulator has extended indefinitely a reprieve on a BlackBerry messenger ban as a solution is sought that allows authorities to monitor the service, SPA news agency said Tuesday.

dateAug 10, 2010 in Telecom
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