Archive: 06/10/2010

Traffic technology for a cooperative commute?

( -- Could chatty cars spearhead a peaceful revolution and traffic communications act as force to unite commuters instead of a curse to enrage them? Thanks to new 'intelligent traffic' technology ...

dateJun 10, 2010 in Telecom
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Robots designed to inspect power lines

( -- Overhead transmission lines traverse thousands of kilometers, often crossing remote areas. Inspecting the often ageing lines and the vegetation near them is an important aspect of maintenance, ...

dateJun 10, 2010 in Robotics report
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Depth important in generating reef diversity

( -- A study by University of Queensland researchers reveals that corals are more adapted to smaller ecological niches than previously thought, and provides new insights into the processes that ...

dateJun 10, 2010 in Ecology
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Breaking down the web barriers bit by bit

( -- Computers and the internet can enable you to communicate globally and provide access to vast stores of information -- provided you have the ability to access it. A system to remove barriers ...

dateJun 10, 2010 in Software
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Global warming spells doom for Asia's rivers

The livelihood of thousands of Tibetans living on China's highest plateau is under threat as global warming and environmental degradation dry up water sources for three mighty Asian rivers, experts say.

dateJun 10, 2010 in Environment
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