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'End of Bling is Nigh' warns new study

New research at the University of Leicester reveals that the recession will bring with it a new ‘economic ethic’ which will curtail the display of ostentation and conspicuous consumption.

dateJun 10, 2009 in Other
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Kennedy health plan includes long-term care

(AP) -- Americans would be able to buy long-term care insurance from the government for $65 a month under a provision tucked into sweeping health care legislation that senators will begin considering next ...

dateJun 10, 2009 in Health
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Group says poker winnings are frozen

(AP) -- An advocacy group for online poker said Tuesday that the federal government has frozen more than $30 million in the accounts of payment processors that handle the winnings of thousands of online poker players.

dateJun 10, 2009 in Internet
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Study: Craigslist revenue to climb 23 pct to $100M

(AP) -- Craigslist, one of the Internet's top sites for classified ads, is thriving while newspapers and other marketing-driven media are reeling from huge revenue losses, according to a report to be released Wednesday.

dateJun 10, 2009 in Internet
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Writing in air not pie in the sky

It's a familiar scene in airports and train stations. Hands full with luggage, briefcase, laptop or coat and there's something you need to remember, like the level and row numbers where you parked your car in the deck. What ...

dateJun 10, 2009 in Software
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