Archive: 06/10/2008

Arsenic and new rice

Amid recent reports of dangerous levels of arsenic being found in some baby rice products, scientists have found a protein in plants that could help to reduce the toxic content of crops grown in environments with high levels ...

Jun 10, 2008
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Ethical implications of modifying lethal injection protocols

A team of medical, ethical, and legal scholars argues in this week's PLoS Medicine that in some US states the modification of lethal injection protocols is tantamount to experimentation upon prisoners without the prisoners' consen ...

Jun 10, 2008
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How the brain separates audio signals from noise

How are we able to follow a single conversation in the midst of a crowded and noisy room? Little is known about how the human brain accomplishes the seemingly simple task of extracting meaningful signals from noisy acoustic ...

Jun 10, 2008
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