Archive: 06/10/2008

Researchers update risk-of-death charts

Researchers have updated charts that show an American's risk of dying from a given cause over the next ten years, based on age, sex, and smoking status. The charts will be published online June 10 in the Journal of the Na ...

dateJun 10, 2008 in Cancer
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Study of guanacos launched in Chile

The Wildlife Conservation Society has launched a study in Chile's Karukinka reserve on Tierra del Fuego to help protect the guanaco – a wild cousin of the llama that once roamed in vast herds from the Andean ...

dateJun 10, 2008 in
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Simulations means 'smarter traffic decisions'

Kyoto University and IBM's Tokyo Research Laboratory have developed a system that can simulate urban transport situations encompassing millions of individual vehicles in complex traffic interactions. A simulation can predict, ...

dateJun 10, 2008 in Computer Sciences
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Woolly-Mammoth Gene Study Changes Extinction Theory

A large genetic study of the extinct woolly mammoth has revealed that the species was not one large homogenous group, as scientists previously had assumed, and that it did not have much genetic diversity.

dateJun 10, 2008 in
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