Archive: 12/1/2005

Crystal sponges excel at sopping up CO2

Since the Industrial Revolution, levels of carbon dioxide---a major contributor to the greenhouse effect---have been on the rise, prompting scientists to search for ways of counteracting the trend. One of the main strategies ...

Dec 01, 2005
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ISS scheduled spacewalk is postponed

Russian space agency officials Thursday postponed a scheduled Dec. 8 spacewalk by the Russian-American crew of the International Space Station.

Dec 01, 2005
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Hawaii coast line collapses, lava flows

A 40-acre section of the Hawaii Volcanoes National Park's coastline collapsed this week, producing a six-foot-thick geyser of molten rock.

Dec 01, 2005
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Titan gives clues to Earth's early history

Readings from the Huygens probe of the surface and atmosphere around Saturn's largest moon, Titan, give researchers a peek back through time to when and how Earth's atmosphere formed, and how our primitive planet ...

Dec 01, 2005
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Florida school evolution conflict delayed

Florida officials reportedly will postpone revising the state's new science-education standards for a year, delaying an explosive evolution debate.

Dec 01, 2005
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Feds and Dell to recycle electronics

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and Dell Inc. will hold a one-day recycling event in New Orleans for equipment destroyed by Hurricane Katrina.

Dec 01, 2005
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Frozen in Time: A Cold War Relic Gives up its Secrets

Lying far above the Arctic Circle, the Russian archipelago of Novaya Zemlya is one of the most remote places on Earth, which is precisely why these mountainous, wind-swept islands were used as the Soviet Union’s ...

Dec 01, 2005
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