Archive: 11/1/2006

Composing Music For the Next Generation

Georgia Tech professor and composer Jason Freeman is bringing his musical passion to the Internet and letting his audiences shape the music they’ll hear in performance. The Graph Theory Project is an online ...

Nov 01, 2006
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Heavier Drivers Consume More Fuel

The rising incidence of obesity in the United States doesn't just lead to diabetes, high blood pressure and elevated cholesterol, it also increases fuel consumption in passenger vehicles, according to a study by Virginia ...

Nov 01, 2006
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Study reveals religious leader's silent secret

Edmonton-based John de Ruiter has been known to sit on stage, gaze out at his flock and say nothing for hours. When he does speak, long gaps of silence often separate his sentences. Sometimes, when he takes questions, the ...

Nov 01, 2006
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Single Molecule Makes Obese Mice Healthy

Researchers have used a single compound to increase the lifespan of obese mice, and found that the drug reversed nearly all of the changes in gene expression patterns found in mice on high calorie diets—some ...

Nov 01, 2006
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Global map shows new patterns of extinction risk

The most detailed world map of mammals, birds and amphibians ever produced shows that endangered species from these groups do not inhabit the same geographical areas, says new research published today.

Nov 01, 2006
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