Archive: 09/1/2006

Microsoft to use AMD software

Redmond, Wash., software giant Microsoft announced it would use AMD's virtualization technology for an upcoming service pack.

Sep 01, 2006
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Nature to modify stem cell study report

The British journal Nature plans changes to an article that described a method of creating embryonic stem cells without destroying the embryos.

Sep 01, 2006
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Encephalitis kills Massachusetts boy

Public health officials in Massachusetts are being criticized after the death of a 9-year-old boy from mosquito-borne Eastern equine encephalitis.

Sep 01, 2006
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Bipolar disorder impacts workforce

Bipolar disorder causes twice as much lost time on the job as does the far more prevalent depressive disorder, a study found.

Sep 01, 2006
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Study to investigate how fear and anxiety are formed in the brain

About 25 per cent of us will experience the effects of anxiety disorders at some point in our lives, with sometimes dire repercussions for friends, family and our own well-being. Yet little is known about the molecular mechanisms ...

Sep 01, 2006
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The Multimedia Dome: Look, Listen and be Amazed

Making its first public appearance at the IFA international consumer electronics fair in Berlin, the Multimedia Dome is the first digital dome theater to feature natural spatial sound: it envelops visitors ...

Sep 01, 2006
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'Stress and the city': Urban birds keep cool

Animals colonizing cities are exposed to many novel and potentially stressful situations. Chronic stress, however, can cause deleterious effects. Hence, wild animals would suffer from city life unless they ...

Sep 01, 2006
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