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Eating junk while pregnant can harm your baby

We all know that smoking and drinking when pregnant can harm the baby, but new research published in The Journal of Physiology suggests that poor diet may also cause long-lasting, irreversible damage in offspring from heart ...

dateJul 01, 2008 in Health
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Molecular basis and regulation of circadian rhythms in plants

Dr. C. Robertson McClung and his colleagues are investigating the genetic basis and molecular mechanisms of circadian cycling and regulation in plants. Dr. McClung, of the Department of Biological Sciences, Dartmouth College, ...

dateJul 01, 2008 in
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New map IDs the core of the human brain

An international team of researchers has created the first complete high-resolution map of how millions of neural fibers in the human cerebral cortex -- the outer layer of the brain responsible for higher level thinking -- ...

dateJul 01, 2008 in Medical research
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