Archive: 06/1/2010

A quick fix for queues

Queuing, standing in line... it's what we do well, but complain about the most. Thankfully, science is coming to the rescue as researchers in Taiwan have devised a formula that could revolutionize restaurants, post offices, ...

Jun 01, 2010
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Online privacy at risk, educators warn

Online learning tools - even password-protected ones - are a lot less private than students and professors believe, warn two Nova Scotia educators.

Jun 01, 2010
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No relaxing for cancer cells

Many tumor cells would not be viable due to aberrant chromosome distribution if they had not developed a special trick. Scientists from the German Cancer Research Center have investigated which genes are ...

Jun 01, 2010
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Algal blooms hit the poor of India hard

The problem of toxic algae is not just confined to the Nordic countries - in India algal blooms are threatening poor people's access to food and their livelihoods, a problem that has been exacerbated by global ...

Jun 01, 2010
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