Archive: 04/1/2008

Soccer robots compete for the title

Robot soccer is an ambitious high-tech competition for universities, research institutes and industry. Several major tournaments are planned for 2008, the biggest of which is the 'RoboCup German Open.' From ...

Apr 01, 2008
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Continents loss to oceans boosts staying power

New research in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Science finds that the geological staying power of continents comes partly from their losing battle with the Earth's oceans over magnesium. Continents lose more t ...

Apr 01, 2008
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Humans have more distinctive hearing than animals, study shows

Do humans hear better than animals? It is known that various species of land and water-based living creatures are capable of hearing some lower and higher frequencies than humans are capable of detecting. However, scientists ...

Apr 01, 2008
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In-home AEDs don't improve sudden cardiac arrest survival

David Callans, MD, a professor of cardiovascular medicine at the University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine, will be available to comment on the New England Journal of Medicine study on the use of automated external defibrillators ...

Apr 01, 2008
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Scientists discover 10 new planets outside solar system

An international team of astronomers has found 10 new “extra solar” planets, planets that orbit stars other than our sun. The team used a system of robotic cameras that yield a great deal of information about these other ...

Apr 01, 2008
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