Archive: 1/02/2008

Supportive devices or unnecessary surveillance?

In the near future, every manufactured product – our clothes, money, appliances, the paint on our walls, the carpets on our floors, our cars – will be embedded with intelligence, networks of tiny sensors and actuators, ...

dateFeb 01, 2008 in Other
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Smoking can double risk of colorectal polyps

Smokers have a two-fold increased risk of developing colorectal polyps, the suspected underlying cause of most colorectal cancers (CRC), according to a study published in Gastroenterology, the official journal of the American ...

dateFeb 01, 2008 in Health
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Swarm approach to photography

A new approach to cleaning up digital photos and other images has been developed by researchers in the UK and Jordan. The research, published recently in Inderscience's International Journal of Innovative Computing and Applications ...

dateFeb 01, 2008 in Computer Sciences
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