Archive: 02/1/2007

Investigating the invisible life in our environment

Microorganisms make up more than a third of the Earth’s biomass. They are found in water, on land and even in our bodies, recycling nutrients, influencing the planet’s climate or causing diseases. Still, we know surprisingly ...

Feb 01, 2007
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Cloning the smell of the seaside

Scientists from the University of East Anglia have discovered exactly what makes the seaside smell like the seaside – and bottled it! The age-old mystery was unlocked thanks to some novel bacteria plucked from the North ...

Feb 01, 2007
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Scientists see DNA get 'sunburned' for the first time

For the first time, scientists have observed DNA being damaged by ultraviolet (UV) light. Ohio State University chemists and their colleagues in Germany used a special technique to watch strands of DNA in the laboratory sustain ...

Feb 01, 2007
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Electrons travel through proteins like urban commuters

For Duke University theoretical chemist David Beratan, the results of his 15 years of studying how electrons make their way through some important protein molecules can be summed up with an analogy: how do big city dwellers ...

Feb 01, 2007
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