Archive: 09/10/2009

ISS Expedition 20 Prepares for Departure

( -- The nine residents of the International Space Station were busy with crew handover activities and science-related tasks Thursday as they prepared for the departure of the Expedition 20 crew this weekend. ...

dateOct 09, 2009 in Space Exploration
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New age of discovery for new proteins dawns

( -- We are on the brink of another new age of discovery- this time of countless new proteins, which could be used in a whole range of situations from medicine to industry, following the successful development ...

dateOct 09, 2009 in Biochemistry
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KEAP1 Keeps major cancer-promoting protein at bay

A tumor-suppressing protein snatches up an important cancer-promoting enzyme and tags it with molecules that condemn it to destruction, a research team led by scientists at The University of Texas M. D. Anderson Cancer Center ...

dateOct 09, 2009 in Cancer
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