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China tries microblogging top political event

(AP) -- So this is how you get through China's biggest political event of the year: "Sit still, stare toward the front, pretend like you're looking but you're really not, pretend like you're listening but ...

dateMar 09, 2010 in Internet
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Obesity linked to poor colon cancer prognosis

Obese patients with colon cancer are at greater risk for death or recurrent disease compared to those who are within a normal weight range, according to a report in Clinical Cancer Research, a journal of the American Associ ...

dateMar 09, 2010 in Cancer
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A full house raises risk of hospital deaths

Admission to a hospital when most of the beds are already full can be deadly for patients, according to a new University of Michigan Health System study showing high occupancy increases the risk of dying in the hospital by ...

dateMar 09, 2010 in Other
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