Archive: 03/09/2009

Inserting Catheters Without X-rays

X-rays penetrate the patient's body, helping the doctor guide the catheter through the artery. In future, it will be possible to monitor the position of the catheter without exposing the patient to X-ray radiation, ...

dateMar 09, 2009 in Engineering
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Novel electric signals in plants

Using ion-selective micro-electrodes electrical signals in plants moving from leaf to leaf could be measured. The speed of the signals spreading as voltage changes over cell membranes ranged from 5 to 10 cm ...

dateMar 09, 2009 in Biochemistry
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Study prompts new mandate for N.C. high schools

A new study at Wake Forest University School of Medicine reveals that many N.C. high schools are not adequately prepared to handle the immediate medical needs of a student or employee who suffers a sudden cardiac arrest on ...

dateMar 09, 2009 in Health
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