Archive: 03/09/2007

Don't ask U.S. workers about warming

The head of the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service said protocol is the reason employees going to meetings about the Arctic are not to discuss climate change.

Mar 09, 2007
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Tracking sperm whales and jumbo squid

The sperm whale and its large prey, the jumbo squid, are among the deepest divers in the ocean, routinely reaching depths of 3,000 feet or more. Now, in a new study, a team of marine scientists reports the successful tagging ...

Mar 09, 2007
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Clock gene sleep research has implications for workforce

People differ markedly in their response to sleep deprivation but biological markers of these differences have remained elusive. In findings published in this week's issue of Current Biology, researchers at the University of Sur ...

Mar 09, 2007
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Stealth camouflage at night

Cuttlefish are well-known masters of disguise who use highly developed camouflage tactics to blend in almost instantaneously with their surroundings. These relatives of octopuses and squid are part of a class of animals called ...

Mar 09, 2007
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