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Coal Liquefaction

The tightening of worldwide oil reserves is causing the price of oil to escalate — and makes coal, which is much more abundantly available, an interesting starting material for liquid fuels and chemical raw materials. Researchers ...

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Slow human evolution revealed by worm genome

Humans have retained genomic characteristics of a very ancient ancestor that have been lost in simpler animals such as the fly, indicating that humans are one of the most slowly evolving species. This is the ...

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Top 10 things seen at CES

I realize that in the grand scheme of things readers don't care whether the job of a reporter is made easier or not. But I must admit that one of the cooler things at the show was that Sony, Phillips, Delphi ...

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Massive star cluster found in Milky Way

A massive cluster of red supergiants--super-sized stars on the verge of exploding--was recently discovered in the Milky Way by a group of stronomers using infrared technology to penetrate the thick dust that cloaks much of ...

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Scientists probe black hole's inner sanctum

How does matter spiral its way to the center of a galaxy and into the mouth of a supermassive black hole? A new study provides the best glimpse yet at the death spiral of material as it descends into the core ...

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Denmark's TDC deal rattles markets

Europe's telecommunications market may become increasingly cut-throat, but competition means that smaller carriers too can hold out and not take up any investment offer that comes their way. Or at least that appears to be ...

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Author feature: Counterfeiting

A booming knockoff community might be the product of evolving technology and inefficient law enforcement, according to one counterfeit expert.

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