Archive: 11/08/2006

Gene therapy inhibits epilepsy in animals

For the first time, researchers have inhibited the development of epilepsy after a brain insult in animals. By using gene therapy to modify signaling pathways in the brain, neurology researchers found that they could significantly ...

Nov 08, 2006
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Scientists study structure of Wza protein

Scottish scientists have deciphered the three-dimensional structure of Wza, an integral outer-membrane protein that has been linked to virulence.

Nov 08, 2006
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Researchers find the smell of metal can be deceiving

In the process of conducting research on iron plumbing infrastructure and drinking water quality, two Virginia Tech researchers in the College of Engineering uncovered that the smell of iron when you touch metal is really ...

Nov 08, 2006
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Printable biofuel cell developed in Finland

An enzyme-based power source is a viable source of electricity for the rapidly proliferating RFID tags used in the medical sector and logistics. Applications include plasters containing a memory circuit and ...

Nov 08, 2006
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A better way of lubricating human joints and implants

Researchers at the University of Oxford have discovered that certain lubricants reduce friction much more effectively in water or water-based solutions than in machine oil or air, which may be how the process works in biological ...

Nov 08, 2006
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