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Birds, Bees, and Moths Drive Flower Evolution

Flowers evolve in a predictable fashion to match the mouthparts of pollinating birds and insects, rather than engaging in a gradual "arms race" between flower and pollinator, according to a new study by researchers ...

Jun 07, 2007
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Ancient DNA traces the woolly mammoth's disappearance

Some ancient-DNA evidence has offered new clues to a very cold case: the disappearance of the last woolly mammoths, one of the most iconic of all Ice Age giants, according to a June 7th report published online in Current Bi ...

Jun 07, 2007
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Research probes seniors' plans for end-of-life care

As a brain-damaged woman named Terri Schiavo lived her final days in 2005, her family's bitter feuding imparted a tragic lesson about the importance of specifying one's wishes for end-of-life medical treatment.

Jun 07, 2007
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Neuronal activity gives clues to working memory

A newly discovered interplay of cells in one of the brain's memory centers sheds light on how you recall your grocery list, where you laid your keys, and a host of important but fleeting daily tasks.

Jun 07, 2007
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