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Nanobridges Show Way to Nano Mass Production

They look like an elegant row of columns, tiny enough for atomic-scale hide-and-seek, but these colonnades represent a new way to bring nanotechnology into mass production. Nanotechnology, the ability to create and work with structures and materials on an atomic scale, ...

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NASA to Begin Test of 20-Meter Solar Sail

Technology That Could Use Sun's Energy for Future Space Missions NASA engineers and their industry partners are preparing to test two 20-meter (66-feet) long solar sail propulsion system designs -- a critical ...

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"Short-term action needed to save physics" warns Institute

The Institute of Physics welcomes the publication of the House of Commons Science and Technology Committee's report on 'Strategic Science Provision in English Universities', but warns that the most feasible measures highlighted ...

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Timing nature’s fastest optical shutter

It's nature's fastest quick-change artist: In less than the time it takes a beam of light to travel a tenth of a millimeter, vanadium dioxide can switch from a transparent to a reflective, mirror-like state. How thi ...

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Nokia 8800

Drawing upon modern watchmaking and jewelry techniques, Nokia has unveiled a truly inspired mobile phone for today's connoisseurs of quality and taste. Encased in a slim stainless steel body, the Nokia 8800 ...

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