Archive: 06/04/2011

NXP unveils UCODE I2C RFID chip

NXP Semiconductors today unveiled its groundbreaking UCODE I2C chip, which features an integrated I2C interface and a large 3,328-bit user memory. The UCODE I2C IC brings the power of Gen2 UHF to embedded systems, enabling ...

dateApr 06, 2011 in Semiconductors
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Dish Network buys Blockbuster for $320mn

The once-dominant US video chain Blockbuster was sold at auction to satellite TV chain Dish Network for just $320 million Wednesday after mismanagement and on-line competition pushed it into bankruptcy.

dateApr 06, 2011 in Business
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Convenience leads to corpulence

Two of the biggest influences on children — parents and schools — may unintentionally contribute to childhood obesity. That's the observation of Susan Terwilliger, clinical as­sociate professor in the Decker ...

dateApr 06, 2011 in Health
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