Archive: 12/05/2005

Crystal of holes discovered: Unusual state of matter

The existence of an unusual state of matter, a crystal that consists entirely of holes, has been proven at Kiel University (Germany). As reported in the latest issue of Physical Review Letters (December 2nd , ...

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Dog 'laugh' silences other dogs

Washington state researchers report discovering what might be the sound of dog laughter. The scientists say the long, loud pant they recorded has a calming or soothing effect on the behavior of other dogs, ABC News reported.

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Climate models need deeper roots, scientists say

By soaking up moisture with their roots and later releasing it from their leaves, plants play an active role in regulating the climate. In fact, in vegetated ecosystems, plants are the primary channels that connect the soil ...

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View of the Upper Atmosphere

Scientists from NASA and the National Science Foundation discovered a way to combine ground and space observations to create an unprecedented view of upper atmosphere disturbances during space storms.

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Designing the missions of the future

Action station, an asteroid is threatening our planet! The menace is real and a rapid response must be found. At ESA's Technical Centre in the Netherlands, engineers believe that they have found the solution: ...

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