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Astronauts to Ride Rails in Emergency

As NASA revamps Launch Complex 39B to host the new Orion spacecraft and Ares I rocket of the Constellation Program, engineers are preparing to install a new kind of departure system to evacuate astronauts.

dateOct 04, 2007 in Space Exploration
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Salmonid hatcheries cause 'stunning' loss of reproduction

The rearing of steelhead trout in hatcheries causes a dramatic and unexpectedly fast drop in their ability to reproduce in the wild, a new Oregon State University study shows, and raises serious questions about the wisdom ...

dateOct 04, 2007 in
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Negativity is contagious, study finds

Though we may not care to admit it, what other people think about something can affect what we think about it. This is how critics become influential and why our parents’ opinions about our life choices continue to matter, ...

dateOct 04, 2007 in Other
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