Archive: 06/04/2007

Modeling the restless brain

Indiana University neuroscientists Olaf Sporns and Christopher Honey find the 98 percent of brain activity that other researchers consider just background noise to be fascinating and important.

Jun 04, 2007
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Researchers track how spores break out of dormant state

Tapping into the unknown world of awakening dormant bacterial spores, researchers have revealed through atomic force microscopy (AFM) the alterations of spore coat and germ cell wall that accompany the transformation from ...

Jun 04, 2007
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Nitrate in Lake Superior: On the Rise

Nitrate levels in Lake Superior, which have been rising steadily over the past century, are about 2.7 percent of the way toward making the lake's water unsafe to drink, according to a study by University of ...

Jun 04, 2007
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Diagnosing skin cancers with light, not scalpels

In an early step toward nonsurgical screening for malignant skin cancers, Duke University chemists have demonstrated a laser-based system that can capture three-dimensional images of the chemical and structural changes under ...

Jun 04, 2007
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People Think They Reap What They Sow

People gauge how responsive their partners are primarily by how they themselves respond to their partners—not the other way around, according to a series of Yale studies in the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology.

Jun 04, 2007
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What Did Dinosaurs Hear?

What did dinosaurs hear? Probably a lot of low frequency sounds, like the heavy footsteps of another dinosaur, if University of Maryland professor Robert Dooling and his colleagues are right. What they likely couldn't hear ...

Jun 04, 2007
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Study of staph shows how bacteria evolve resistance

Antibacterial resistance doesn’t happen overnight. But until recently nobody knew exactly how long it took — or how it happened at all. Now, by studying blood taken from a single patient over a period of months, Rockefeller ...

Jun 04, 2007
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