Archive: 10/03/2008

Space tech helps to reach long-jump world record

German athlete Wojtek Czyz, running with a space-tech enhanced prosthetic leg, set a new world record at the Paralympics 2008 in Beijing, reaching an amazing 6.50 m and beating the previous world record by ...

Oct 03, 2008
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Arctic sea ice annual freeze-up underway

After reaching the second-lowest extent ever recorded last month, sea ice in the Arctic has begun to refreeze in the face of autumn temperatures, closing both the Northern Sea Route and the direct route through ...

Oct 03, 2008
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Gene expression in alligators suggests birds have 'thumbs'

The latest breakthrough in a 120 year-old debate on the evolution of the bird wing was published in the open-access journal PLoS ONE, October 3, by Alexander Vargas and colleagues at Yale University, the University of Wis ...

Oct 03, 2008
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Medical student gender and self-confidence

Despite performing equally to their male peers in the classroom and the clinic, female medical students consistently report decreased self-confidence and increased anxiety, particularly over issues related to their competency. ...

Oct 03, 2008
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Research investment failing mental health

More money and effort needs to be directed to understanding the causes and treatment of mental disorders to ensure improvements in the health of the community and the one in five people that experience mental illness in any ...

Oct 03, 2008
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First glimpse of a key DNA repair protein at work

Repairing breaks in the two strands of the DNA double helix is critical for avoiding cancer. In humans and other organisms, a molecular machine called the MRN complex is responsible for finding and signaling ...

Oct 03, 2008
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