Archive: 08/03/2011

Earliest medieval map of Britain put online

A fifteen-month research project of the earliest surviving geographically recognizable map of Great Britain, known as the Gough Map, provides some revealing insights into one of the most enigmatic cartographic ...

dateAug 03, 2011 in Internet
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Defibrillator for stalled software

It’s happened to everyone: You’re using a familiar piece of software to do something you’ve done a thousand times before — say, find a particular word in a document — and all of a ...

dateAug 03, 2011 in Computer Sciences
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The art of precision cooking -- in space

If you think it's tough to make Baked Alaska or a delicate soufflé or some other temperature-sensitive dish in your kitchen at home, imagine the painstaking task of trying to cook to perfection 250 miles ...

dateAug 03, 2011 in Space Exploration
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