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Breakthrough With Ultra-Fast Xrays

Electromagnetically-induced transparency, or EIT, has been known in the visible realm for quite some time. The process is used to control such characteristics as dispersion and absorption in gases, allowing the gases to become ...

Jul 03, 2007 feature
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Fat kills cancer

Researchers in Slovakia have been able to derive mesenchymal stem cells from human adipose, or fat, tissue and engineer them into “suicide genes” that seek out and destroy tumors like tiny homing missiles. This gene ...

Jul 03, 2007
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Damping the odds that fireworks will spark seizures

Bright light that flickers frequently or rapidly, like a strobe light, can trigger seizures in some people – a phenomenon documented in nearly 700 children who were hospitalized in Japan 10 years ago after watching a Pokemon ...

Jul 03, 2007
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The elderberry way to perfect skin

Forget expensive moisturisers and cosmetic surgery, a compound found in the humble elderberry could give a natural boost to skin.

Jul 03, 2007
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Periodontal bacteria found in amniotic fluid

A study appearing in the July issue of the Journal of Periodontology found bacteria commonly found in the mouth and associated with periodontal diseases in the amniotic fluid of some pregnant women.

Jul 03, 2007
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Faulty cell membrane repair causes heart disease

During vigorous exercise, heart muscle cells take a beating. In fact, some of those cells rupture, and if not for a repair process capable of resealing cell membranes, those cells would die and cause heart damage (cardiomyopathy).

Jul 03, 2007
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Color is in the eye of the beholder

In some regions of Central Europe, salad dressing is made preferably with pumpkin seed oil, which has a strong characteristic nutty flavor and striking color properties. Indeed, in a bottle it appears red, but it looks green ...

Jul 03, 2007
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Smart Suit Doesn't Miss a Beat

Imagine wearing a smart T-shirt or a suit embedded with tiny electronics that can monitor your heart or respiratory function wirelessly. When dirty, you take it off and throw it in the wash or have it dry-cleaned.

Jul 03, 2007
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Alzheimer's prevention role discovered for prions

A role for prion proteins, the much debated agents of mad cow disease and vCJD, has been identified. It appears that the normal prions produced by the body help to prevent the plaques that build up in the brain to cause Alzheimer’s ...

Jul 03, 2007
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Today's waste, tomorrow's fuel

A Cardiff University research collaboration is working to recycle precious metals from road dusts and vehicle exhausts to create greener energy.

Jul 03, 2007
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