Archive: 06/03/2008

Researchers find human virus in chimpanzees

After studying chimpanzees in the wilds of Tanzania's Mahale Mountains National Park for the past year as part of a National Science Foundation (NSF) grant, Virginia Tech researcher Dr. Taranjit Kaur and her ...

Jun 03, 2008
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Goodbye to batteries and power sockets

A broken cable or a soiled connector? If a machine in a factory goes on strike, it could be for any of a thousand reasons. Self-sufficient sensors that provide their own power supply will soon make these machines ...

Jun 03, 2008
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Asus Unveils New Mini PC with Full HD Support

Catering to users who require a compact and powerful home entertainment center, ASUS has unveiled the new ASUS Mini PC Nova Lite PX24. At only 2L in size, this world's smallest mini PC is equipped with a built-in ...

Jun 03, 2008
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