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Traders Who Sell Short Stocks Are Well-Informed

The term “short selling” refers to the practice of selling shares the seller does not own, in the hope of repurchasing them later at a lower price. A new study in The Journal of Finance reveals that there is a large ...

dateApr 03, 2008 in Other
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Researchers find pre-Clovis human DNA

DNA from dried human excrement recovered from Oregon's Paisley Caves is the oldest found yet in the New World -- dating to 14,300 years ago, some 1,200 years before Clovis culture -- and provides apparent ...

dateApr 03, 2008 in Archaeology & Fossils
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Harmful algae taking advantage of global warming

You know that green scum creeping across the surface of your local public water reservoir" Or maybe it’s choking out a favorite fishing spot or livestock watering hole. It’s probably cyanobacteria – blue-green algae ...

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Emotional machines

Emotions are an intrinsic part of communications. But machines don’t have, perceive or react to them, which makes us – their handlers – hot under the collar. But thanks to building blocks developed by ...

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