Archive: 03/03/2006

New bill promotes Net neutraity

A new bill in the Senate seeks to prohibit network operators from charging content providers extra for faster delivery of their content to consumers over the Internet, or in favor of certain content.

Mar 03, 2006
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Ask your car radio!

In the future, drivers will be able to conveniently retrieve information from the Internet using “natural language.” This has been made possible by a new technology that automatically generates voice applications ...

Mar 03, 2006
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Teflon chemical to be reduced says EPA

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency said the companies that use perfluorooctanoic acid, an ingredient in Teflon, will cut the chemical's use.

Mar 03, 2006
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Bird flu not a public threat?

As the bird flu spreads through Europe, the British government's chief scientist said the chance of British person getting bird flu is 1 in 100 million.

Mar 03, 2006
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LIGO once again looking for gravitational waves

The quest to detect and study gravitational waves with the National Science Foundation-funded Laser Interferometer Gravitational-Wave Observatory, or LIGO, is on again. LIGO is currently conducting its first sustained observational ...

Mar 03, 2006
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Wireless World: Clandestine communications

New wireless technologies being developed by a secretive government agency in collaboration with private contractors may dramatically improve communications for homeland defense among federal, state and local officials, experts ...

Mar 03, 2006
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Gigantic cosmic cataclysm in Stephan's Quintet of galaxies

Recent infrared observations made with NASA's Spitzer Space Telescope have revealed the presence of a huge intergalactic shock wave, or "sonic boom" in the middle of Stephan's Quintet, a group of galaxies which ...

Mar 03, 2006
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A new awakening for sleep research

The IST project SENSATION is an ambitious project of 46 partners from 20 different countries, addressing sensing of physiological parameters, core computation, medical and industrial research. The aim is to ...

Mar 03, 2006
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