Archive: 10/02/2008

Don't stress! Bacterial crisis command center revealed

A bacteria cell's 'crisis command centre' has been observed for the first time swinging into action to protect the cell from external stress and danger, according to new research out today (3 October) in Science.

Oct 02, 2008
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Cross kingdom conflicts on a beetle's back

Researchers from Harvard Medical School and the University of Madison-Wisconsin have discovered how beetles and bacteria form a symbiotic and mutualistic relationship—one that ultimately results in the destruction ...

Oct 02, 2008
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Researchers develop novel anti-tumor vaccine

A novel anti-tumor vaccine for neuroblastoma and melanoma developed by scientists and clinicians at Children's National Medical Center in collaboration with investigators from the University of Iowa is showing significant impact ...

Oct 02, 2008
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African-American blogs offer key health communications tool

Blogs allow African Americans to discuss HIV and AIDS in an unfiltered way that is both public and private, according to a Penn State researcher, and this exploration may lead to another way to distribute health messages ...

Oct 02, 2008
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Too many calories send the brain off kilter

An overload of calories throws critical portions of the brain out of whack, reveals a study in the October 3rd issue of the journal Cell, a Cell Press publication. That response in the brain's hypothalamus—the "headquarters" for ma ...

Oct 02, 2008
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