Archive: 05/02/2006

Is Microsoft a role model for tech aid?

International organizations including the United Nations should improve the way they finance and implement technology projects by learning more from how the private sector goes about doing business in developing ...

dateMay 02, 2006 in Business
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What is the sound of one person talking?

When researchers interviewed 40 Columbus residents about their opinions on life in the city, the scientists ignored what the people had to say. All the scientists really cared about was how they said it.

dateMay 02, 2006 in Software
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Mass. Senate debates needle law

Massachusetts state senators are debating a bill that would legalize over-the-counter sales of hypodermic needles.

dateMay 02, 2006 in
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Video phones to sacrifice early profits

Telecoms industry forecasters have downgraded their predicted video calling figures to reflect the sluggish growth in the video telephony market, recommending that network operators should sacrifice early profits in favor ...

dateMay 02, 2006 in Consumer & Gadgets
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