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Laparoscopic approach to retrorectal cyst

Retrorectal cystic hamartoma (hindgut cyst) is a rare developmental lesion arising from the vestiges of the embryonic hind gut. Other developmental cysts can occur in retrorectal space. Anal gland cysts can develop near the ...

dateDec 01, 2008 in Other
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Persistent pollutant may promote obesity

Tributyltin, a ubiquitous pollutant that has a potent effect on gene activity, could be promoting obesity, according to an article in the December issue of BioScience. The chemical is used in antifouling paints for boats, ...

dateDec 01, 2008 in Medical research
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MRI shows new types of injuries in young gymnasts

Adolescent gymnasts are developing a wide variety of arm, wrist and hand injuries that are beyond the scope of previously described gymnastic-related trauma, according to a study presented today at the annual meeting of the ...

dateDec 01, 2008 in Health
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MRI machines may damage cochlear implants

Patients with cochlear implants may want to steer clear of certain magnetic imaging devices, such as 3T MRI machines, because the machines can demagnetize the patient's implant, according to new research published in the ...

dateDec 01, 2008 in Other
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Cell movements totally modular, study shows

A study describing how cells within blood vessel walls move en masse overturns an assumption common in the age of genomics — that the proteins driving cell behavior are doing so much multitasking that it would be near impossible ...

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