Archive: 12/01/2006

Schizophrenia studies should open dialog

Recent studies on schizophrenia treatment and cost should spark discovery of a third generation of treatment, a U.S. mental health advocacy group said.

Dec 01, 2006
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El Nino To Affect Weather In Colorado And Western U.S.

Colorado's late fall snowstorms could disappear by mid-December due to the influence of an El Niño event in the tropical Pacific Ocean, said Klaus Wolter, a University of Colorado at Boulder and National Oceanic and Atmospheric ...

Dec 01, 2006
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Predicting the Timing of Major Earthquakes

Forecasting when a major earthquake will erupt -- within a window of two to three years -- could be possible, based on mathematical studies by researchers at UC Davis, Boston University and the University of Western Ontario, ...

Dec 01, 2006
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Hybrid Butterflies High in the Sierra

High in the Sierra Nevada mountains, a new species of butterfly has emerged as a hybrid of two existing species. It is the first time that this type of species formation has been shown in animals, according to the report ...

Dec 01, 2006
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Hold the Phone

A new law taking effect in North Carolina today (Dec. 1) is putting the brakes on cell phone use by teen drivers. But do teenagers yapping on the phone behind the wheel pose a bigger safety risk than other ...

Dec 01, 2006
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Purveyors of the Cosmic 'Occult'

To a non-scientist, the words 'radio occultation' might sound a little spooky. But this relatively simple NASA-developed technology at the heart of a new satellite network named Cosmic is proving to be a powerful ...

Dec 01, 2006
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Multicenter study looks at colon polyps

According to a University of Pittsburgh-led study published in the December issue of Gastroenterology, medium-sized polyps found in the colon with flexible sigmoidoscopy and subsequently evaluated by full colonoscopy are ...

Dec 01, 2006
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A New Paradigm for Lunar Orbits

It's 2015. You're NASA's chief engineer designing a moonbase for Shackleton Crater at the Moon's south pole. You're also designing a com-system that will allow astronauts constant radio contact with Earth.

Dec 01, 2006
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Anti-microbial 'paint' kills flu, bacteria

A new "antimicrobial paint" developed at MIT can kill influenza viruses that land on surfaces coated with it, potentially offering a new weapon in the battle against a disease that kills nearly 40,000 Americans ...

Dec 01, 2006
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Out-of-this-world cuisine

A French master chef has taken his meals to a new location this week. London? Tokyo? New York? Not far enough for Alain Ducasse. Last Sunday his meals were served to the astronauts living on board the International ...

Dec 01, 2006
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Negative Vibes From Space

Astronomers have discovered the first negatively charged molecule in space, identifying it from radio signals that were a mystery until now. While about 130 neutral and 14 positively charged molecules are known ...

Dec 01, 2006
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