Archive: 01/02/2012

Naming new plant species moves online

There are more than 380,000 plant species known to science, with many more around the world still to be found, identified and scientifically named. But this mighty task will now be more efficient for plant scientists, ...

dateFeb 01, 2012 in Plants & Animals
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An emergency network for natural disasters

Engineering researchers at the University of Arkansas are developing an emergency communications network that will maintain operation during natural disasters and provide critical warnings and geographic information to people ...

dateFeb 01, 2012 in Engineering
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KIT: Fast and easy programming

An increasing number of electronics products such as smartphones are equipped with fast, energy-efficient multi-core processors. As a matter of fact, however, programming of the respective applications is rather time-consuming ...

dateFeb 01, 2012 in Computer Sciences
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New science being used to fight arson convictions

(AP) -- A death row inmate in Ohio is hoping the state parole board will give him the chance to argue that a mysterious "man in red" could have started the arson fire that killed his 3-year-old son.

dateFeb 01, 2012 in Other
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